You might have read about it on the previous page(s), but I started experimenting with my own Gins after my girlfriend gifted me with a set from #doyourgin for Christmas.

After this, I advanced even more to a true gin fan 🍸

And I started to experiment with more botanicals to create my own signature drink ✍

As a true technology and electronics enthusiast, plus being the thoroughbred IT person that I am 👨‍💻, I was an adopter of the RaspberryPi from the very first hour.

I have used RPi1, RPi0 and RPi3, before advancing now to RPi4.

With this, plus several other projects in this area, my Linux and hardware knowledge has increased a lot over the years 🤓💡.

When I am not spending time in front of any screens, I sometimes try enhancing my craftly talent and skills 🧙‍♂️ with ideas I predominantly find on the internet.

Be it either furniture elements made of wooden pallets, or just recycling discarded stuff from my apartment which I got tired of ♻